Conkeror provides a set of primitives to help you change the appearance of not only Conkeror itself, but also of web content, in your rc. Most appearance changes that you probably want to make can be done by writing style sheets, which is the topic of this article. We won't go into the syntax of CSS itself, as there are already many books and online publications devoted to that topic. In this article, we will explore how to load stylesheets in Conkeror, and get an understanding of some of the common difficulties in dealing with CSS.

If you have experience with Firefox, you may be familiar with using userChrome.css or the Stylish extension to make these kinds of customizations. While both of those approaches can work with Conkeror, we find it preferable to customize appearance in the rc because it keeps all of your configuration in a central location with the power and convenience of maintaining it with your favorite text editor and version control tools.