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[[attachment:about.png]] {{attachment:about.png}}

Conkeror's official logo is a stylized silhouette of a conker:


Not all of the official artwork (including icons) has been created. The original files can be found in /contrib/art in the Conkeror repository if you want to help out.

Various other proposals for logo art are listed below. Note to package maintainers: please do not include unofficial logo artwork in your packages.

  • macrobat_conkeror_icon_64.png

I made this chestnut kind of icon when I couldn't find one on the web. This is after an image i saw on a mailing list. I don't know if it has the right licences. "Original as well as derivative artwork licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License." To see comment in gimp, press M-RET. An xcf file is attached. conkeror_gimpfile.xcf --macrobat

A nice cartoon of a horse chestnut.

This is the horse chestnut fruit svg image converted to a Mac icns file for use in your conkeror app bundle.

conkeror_logo.png awesome new logo art (horse chestnut based) conkeror.sourse.svgz

conkeror_logo-110x110.png - a new icon that resembles a conker (still needs some work)


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