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[DIFF] 18:06 [INFO] scottjad [1-2] #02 Update uBlock Origin status
[DIFF] 14:45 [INFO] Emacsomancer [1-2] #01 fixed spelling of conkeror in /usr/share/conkeror/ application.ini
#02 added basic info about running Conkeror with Pale Moon
[DIFF] 02:00 [INFO] Emacsomancer adding page on using with Pale Moon
[DIFF] 11:21 [INFO] PhilHudson [1-7] #01 More detail
#02 More rigorous description
#03 Forced ConkerorRC link wtf
#04 Linked to ConkerorRC
#05 Fixed link to BrowserObjects page
#06 Corrected keystroke doco
#07 Added page title browser object.
[DIFF] 10:19 [INFO] PhilHudson [1-13] #01 Linked to RC file page
#02 Link to Wikipedia JS article
#03 Added KeywordParameters placeholder link
#04 Added view_source_external _editor to list of variables
#05 Typography
#06 Revert after losing most of page thru slow connection wtf
#07 Typography
#09 Style: Goal first, and never say "easy" or "just"!
#10 Linked "MIME type" + improved associated typography
#11 Monospace symbol
#12 Shorten comment
#13 Comment explaining "keywords(arguments) ". *** Needs a page of its own ***
[DIFF] 08:56 [INFO] PhilHudson [1-2] #01 Link to ExternalEditing
#02 Add 'view source' to summary
[DIFF] 03:43 [INFO] scottjad Update firefox debugger for xul>=39
[DIFF] 10:47 [INFO] ebzzry
[DIFF] 04:17 [INFO] jrm
[DIFF] 17:03 [INFO] ebzzry


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