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What program is the main source of Conkeror's design philosophy?

location: CookieCuller

The CookieCuller extension, although unmaintained, works in Conkeror. It provides a cookie manager window.

Here are two commands to open the CookieCuller window in Conkeror.

const cookie_culler_chrome = "chrome://cookieculler/content/CookieCuller.xul";

interactive("cookie-culler-dialog", "Show the CookieCuller settings in a dialog box.",
    function (I) {
        var frame = I.buffer.top_frame;

interactive("cookie-culler", "Open the CookieCuller settings in a new buffer.",
    $browser_object = cookie_culler_chrome);

Nonworking Features

CookieCuller has a feature to "delete unprotected cookies" at startup, but this feature is implemented in a way that depends on Firefox chrome, and so it does not happen automatically in Conkeror.