Debugging with GDB

To debug things like segfaults, which arise from XULRunner, you can run Conkeror in GDB. To do this effectively, you should install a version of XULRunner that has debugging symbols built in. For example, on Debian, use the package 'xulrunner-8.0-dbg' (substituting 8.0 for whatever version). Launch gdb/Conkeror with a shell script like the following.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/xulrunner-dir \
    exec gdb --args /path/to/xulrunner-dir/xulrunner-bin \
            /path/to/conkeror/application.ini "$@"

At the gdb prompt, enter 'run':

(gdb) run

When the segfault occurs, get a backtrace with the bt command. Refer to gdb documentation for further information on how to use gdb.