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The NoScript extension provides selective execution of JavaScript and plug-in code based on a whitelist. NoScript partially works with Conkeror (handling of <embedded>-tags (flash uses this) do not work). Conkeror comes with a glue code module for noscript that provides some basic commands to use the extension. To activate it, put this in your rc:


After performing the above require, a function M-x ns-toggle-temp is defined, which will enable/disable javascript for the current site/page after prompting for confirmation.

Version Notes

Version 2.5.9rc2

It is necessary both to add a conkeror entry to install.rdf, and to delete the META-INF directory, as described in Extensions.

Version 2.6.5

Conkeror's noscript.js is apparently not compatible with NoScript 2.6.5. See issue441

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