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What program is the main source of Conkeror's design philosophy?

location: Plugins

Mozilla plugins generally appear to work without modification or issue with Conkeror. In the event of trouble, this page may aid in troubleshooting.

Conkeror will look for plugins in the following locations:

You can also try symlinking the .so files from /usr/lib/{xulrunner,firefox,nsbrowser}/plugins/ into one of these directories, or set MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH to some existing directory containing plugins.

Feel free to list here plugins which you have found to work or not work.

Java Plugin on OS X

The following is a note gleaned from the mailing list of someone describing how to get Java working in Conkeror under OS X. It could use a rewrite to be more intelligible to newbies.

How to disable a plug-in in Conkeror

E.g. if you want PDF to stop opening in an embedded Acrobat Reader but be downloaded as files instead. Or if you want to disable Flash for all sites (or even the popup which asks you whether you want to install the Flash plug-in).

Try this:

  1. M-x extensions RET
  2. Go to the „Plugins“ section
  3. Look for the bad plugin
  4. Click its button „Disable“

Troubleshooting PDF Handling Occasionally you might install a plugin that preferentially handles pdf documents within Mozilla, however you discover that this plugin does not behave properly in Conkeror. A typical symptom would be that you open a pdf from the web and you get a blank frame. This is what happens with Mozplugger 1.14.3. The solution is to disable the plugin in Conkeror in the Plugins dialog as above. This restores the prefered handling of these documents via the savedocument/external application dialog .