Since the UI Redesign (described below 2.0) has had some nontrivial problems come to light, and is further from realization than we originally expected, we've decided to work toward a 1.0 release, which will consist of important incremental improvements to the current master branch (conkeror 0.9.3). Additionally, since we have these two divergent branches of conkeror (master and decoupling), we've decided to switch to a traditional versioning scheme to help users and developers know at a glance what is going on with the project and how the different branches relate to each other. Master branch goes from version 0.9.3 to 1.0pre, and decoupling branch becomes 2.0pre. Following the traditional sequence, after pre comes alpha, then beta, then release candidates, and then a release. We will not necessarily go through all of these steps between prealpha and release, but will use them as necessary. It is my hope that adopting this versioning system will clear up all the confusion that surrounds Conkeror's versioning.

Another thing we will do is work toward having a Conkeror 1.0 manual. This will be an undertaking partly in reorganizing the Conkeror wiki, partly in adding documentation for things that have been overlooked in the past. Conkeror 1.0 will have its own section of the website so that Conkeror 2.0 can have its own. Not mixing the two manuals will greatly simplify documentation.

What's next is to decide what features we are targetting to finish before the 1.0 release. Here is the list, which will no doubt evolve as we go along during the prealpha period:


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