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DailyMotion Mode

Dailymotion-mode facilitates downloading and running external programs on the embedded videos from DailyMotion. Conkeror has a built-in "media" browser object class that is selected by the "e" prefix key. This browser object class uses a "media scraper", which by default just looks for URLs matching certain patterns in the webpage HTML source code, in order to prepare a list of embedded media files from which the user can choose using the completion mechanism. This page mode overrides the default media scraper with a more sophisticated one that works correctly on those sites. Furthermore, it sets the media browser object class to be the default browser object class for the save, shell-command, and shell-command-url commands. As a result, for example, the save command invoked without a prefix while this these page mode is enabled will automatically choose the embedded flash video file as the target to download.

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